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Themes Installed to Keynote for iOS

Direct Install for iOS

We're Upgrading our iOS QuickLaunch feature to support Direct Installation to Keynote for iOS:
Here's what you need to know.


Installing KeynotePro Themes & Templates in Keynote or Pages for iOS.

Updated 03/30/2018


For the last several years, we've used our iOS QuickLaunch functionality to deliver starter files with pre-applied themes to our customers using Keynote for iOS. Thanks to recent updates, we're now able to leverage that functionality on native .kth theme files themselves, allowing us to initiate installation of our themes directly into your Keynote for iOS Theme Chooser from the KeynotePro website.

If you've ever used our QuickLaunch process to get a theme onto your iOS device, the updated Direct Install process will be very familiar - but rather than ending up with a single instance of the theme pre-applied to a new .key file in Keynote for iOS, you'll now end up with a desktop-like native theme experience, with the theme appearing in the My Themes tab of the Theme Chooser that appears when you create a new document (shown above). It's a big, big improvement over the old QuickLaunch workflow - and goes a long way toward providing a more consistent experience between desktop & mobile authoring scenarios moving forward.

iOS Direct Theme Install on the KeynotePro Website
Updated Direct Install Panel for Calais on iOS (Click to Enlarge)

We're also expanding your options for mobile authoring in the process – HD Themes have joined their SD counterparts in the Direct Install lineup, and will now appear among the download options visible when you Sign In with an iOS device.

Our first wave of Direct Install is live today for all of our 2017-2018 releases for Keynote - including Disruptor, Geneva and Hyperion - and will be deploying to the rest of our Keynote catalog in the coming weeks. Old-style, SD-only QuickLaunch files remain available for themes that have yet to make the transition. Update 3/30: All currently shipping Keynote Themes have made the transition to Direct Install at this time.

Once this initial transition is complete, we'll begin integrating Supplemental Files & Element Template downloads in as traditional QuickLaunch files as a second wave, ultimately giving you full file-access parity between desktop & mobile for any of the themes on Your Account anytime, anywhere.

Updating to Pages 6.x? Our latest Update Report is available here.

What about Pages?

All of our NXT-Generation Pages Templates are fully compatible with this process, and will be joining the lineup in some capacity - however - we have additional server-side work to implement before we can integrate the US/ISO split into the file-handoff architecture, as it's a bit beyond the scope of what this functionality was originally designed to support.

In the meanwhile, you can install any of the latest Pages Templates you'd like on your iOS device manually - just follow the Custom Themes/Templates method below - and we'll update this page again once our Pages library is in step with the Keynote side of things.

Also bear in mind that our Pages Template structure is very much Desktop-oriented in terms of the page/layout options available - particularly when it comes to the brochures, newsletters or posters - and some files may prove more unwieldy than others in a mobile authoring context. Our Direct Install implementation will initially focus on Word-Processing mode documents that would occur more naturally than others in mobile scenarios* (update below) - generating quick Letters, Invoices, Memos or Reports, for example - and we'll leave the more complex documents to the desktop installs until we can get a sense of the actual utility provided by offering them on mobile devices.

Update 3/30: the updated Pages 7 / Pages for iOS 4 architecture now includes Page Masters, which will allow us to build more mobile-optimized Page Layout templates moving forward. We'll update this page once we have updated timetables for deployment.

Pages Templates in the Pages for iOS Template Chooser
Templates appear in the My Templates section of the Pages for iOS Template Chooser (Click to Enlarge)

Installing Custom Themes/Templates

The Direct Install method works great for our stock Themes & Templates, but it's of limited utility if you're running a customized Theme or Template as your baseline. For customized Theme or Template builds, you'll need to handle the file transfer manually, and thanks to iCloud Drive this couldn't be easier.

On a Mac, open your iCloud Drive in Finder - you should see sub-folders for both Keynote and Pages. You can create a sub-folder in either location called "Install" to keep things organized if you like - and copy the .kth or .template file(s) you'd like to install into the respective App's folder (or your sub-folder therein).

Back on your iOS device, these will show up in your files just like any other .key or .pages files you're currently working on (hence the Installs folder suggestion) - just tap the files one by one, and Keynote or Pages will prompt you to add the Theme or Template to your Chooser. Once installed, you can actually delete the version back in your Installs folder to keep things tidy or conserve space.

Moving Forward

The initial transition of the Keynote catalog should be completed over the next few weeks time. Supplemental and Add-On file access will be phased in thereafter on an ongoing basis. We have no fixed timeline as of yet on the Pages side of things, but will update this page as more information becomes available.

This page will be updated as more information is available. Last Updated 03.30.2018

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