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BlackBriar (NXT) Template System for Pages

The Extended Debrief.

The colorful, interlocking contrasts of the BlackBriar theme system expand to Pages
with an extensive suite of impeccably styled templates.

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The stark, ordered clarity of the BlackBriar theme is now available for Pages, too: Featuring classic type & an interlocking, minimalist framework, BlackBriar pulls all the pieces together.

BlackBriar for Pages - Business Basics

Business Basics
BlackBriar for Pages includes the everyday essentials for business, in a crisp, minimalist style that accents the more complex designs of the Brochures, Newsletter, or the namesake Keynote Theme.

The BlackBriar templates for Pages, like their Keynote counterparts, were designed as a study in contrasts, a veritable Little Black Dress that rises to any occasion or setting with impeccable taste & style. We developed BlackBriar for Pages in the same spirit, with interlocking contrasts of color and object accents framing a distinctive, stepped-hierarchal grid designed to maximize clarity and minimize distraction. The editorial-style foundation effortlessly grids everything from simple photo essays to dense, text-heavy narratives - all blended with color-neutral accents and an eye-catching, stacked-hierarchal metabar that provides clear wayfinding cues for every page. The balance of structure, symmetry and negative space makes your content take center stage while maintaining unity and order throughout your entire document system.

The core BlackBriar for Pages package includes a full suite of up to fifteen complete templates (Pro Edition) – from the basics of Letterhead, Memo and Envelope templates to Posters, Brochures and the magazine-inspired Newsletter – giving you a wide range of document types and layout options to choose from, whether you're preparing an Agenda for the weekly meeting or assembling next season's Quarterly Report. An extensive suite of layout options — including Light/Dark variants & a full selection of Spread optimizations — provide you with an unparalleled selection of tailored alternatives for key layout archetypes. The accompanying chart styles include both Light & Dark sets of color-based palettes, along with a tonal Greyscale option perfect for making callout/contrast charts. And the entire BlackBriar framework is optimized for everything the modern Pages architecture offers, including a a full suite of color, type and table styles that make it a snap to tailor your documents to your unique, individual needs.

BlackBriar (NXT) for Pages - Brochure Sample Shots

Spread the Word.
BlackBriar for Pages offers a wide range of narrative and photo-oriented layout options — including an extensive library of Light / Dark & Spread variations – in an intuitive framework that's well suited for Editorial spreads, Product Galleries or anything in between (Horizontal Brochure shown, in Dark/Light variants).

The Templates

BlackBriar for Pages includes up to 15 complete templates (Pro Edition) in both US(Traditional) and ISO(Metric) formatted template bundles, each including template-specific Page Masters that are built to extend upon the core character of each document style. From the basics of Letterhead, Memo and Invoice to Project Proposal, Report, Newsletter and Brochure templates, your essential document/collateral types are covered - including a range of in-template variations so you can pick both the document type and the layout style that's right for your specific needs.

BlackBriar for Pages editing in Pages for iOS

Take it on the Run

Can't imagine leaving your favorite portable device out of your work-flow? The BlackBriar for Pages templates are fully compatible with Pages for iOS, so you can transfer a document using the BlackBriar templates to your iPad or iPhone for reading or editing with no updates or special workarounds required. Or collaborate with colleagues in real-time, whether they're on a Mac, iPad, or iPhone - even on a PC using iWork for iCloud - with consistent results regardless of the device you're using or where your team is located.

Smart Calendar Preview

Add-Ons & Extras

The BlackBriar for Pages templates include new Add-On Templates to make building your document system even easier. Smart Calendar Templates enable you to create a variety of custom Text & Photo Calendar styles in a few short steps: simply change a date field, and the Smart Calendar does the rest of the work for you, automatically populating each calendar on the page, leaving you to focus on any notes or highlights you'd like to add. Each Smart Calendar sheet is fully localization-aware and adaptive for all regions/localizations supported by Pages 8.x+.

BlackBriar ePUB Templates

The ePUB Book Templates enable you to author, edit and publish ePUB-optimized eBooks directly within Pages. The Book - Portrait templates are optimized for reflow and differing devices / orientations – perfect for publishing narrative Chapter / Textbook-style books with a selection of BlackBriar-styled covers. The Book - Landscape template (Pro Edition) provides a fixed-layout, ePUB-optimized variation on the BlackBriar - Horizontal Brochure template, perfect for highly-styled, image-oriented eBooks.


And our new PressKit Template Add-Ons make it a snap to jump from desktop to Professional printing, with Press-Ready bleed+trim files optimized for printing via VistaPrint, Moo, or other small-batch DLPs — including double-sided Business Card setups along with oversized, trim-ready sheets for Letterhead, Envelopes, Brochures and Posters, plus specialized Body-Only variations tailored for running key document styles on pre-printed shells.


Built for Pages 8.x+

Pages makes it a snap to create sophisticated brochures, letters and business documents with absolute ease. From the ease of drag + replace photo placement, to the power and flexibility of the document-wide Style assignments that ensure your documents look consistently great from page to page, Pages makes it easy to create layouts rich with both typographic and visual style. And most importantly - Pages gives you the power to create documents that are every bit as visually compelling as their counterpart Keynote presentations, with the same ease of use and stellar results you've come to expect from Keynote. With BlackBriar for Pages, you can put that power to use with absolute consistency – from presentations to collateral – with a modern, minimalist vibe that will keep your audience focused & free from distraction.

BlackBriar for Pages - Newsletter Sample Shots

Spread the News.
The BlackBriar Newsletter Template includes 20+ tailored layout styles — including an extensive mix of Light / Dark & Spread options — in a refined, magazine-inspired style that's a perfect complement to the more traditional approach of the business papers.

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Requirements Requirements.
BlackBriar (NXT) for Pages requires Pages 8 or higher, and the Helvetica Neue font face.

All photos shown for demonstration purposes only. iWork, Keynote, Mac, iMac, iPod, iPhone, iPad and the Apple logo are trademarked properties of Apple Inc.
NXT/Theme and NXT Theme are trademarked properties of Walrus Group LLC.

BlackBriar (NXT) for Pages - Master Layouts


BlackBriar for Pages in Action.


BlackBriar (NXT) for Pages


Compatibility at a Glance:

Keynote '09 Compatible Keynote 6 Compatible Keynote for iOS, Keynote for iCloud  Compatible
Pages '09 Pages 8+ iOS/iCloud


Select Options:

Standard Edition

Standard Edition
Essential Business Papers and Brochures


Pro Edition
Extended Business Papers and Brochures, Posters, Newsletter Templates


Also available for Keynote 9.x+:

Complete EditionComplete Edition

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Standard Edition

BlackBriar (NXT) for Pages
BlackBriar (NXT) Template System for Pages 8.x+: Vertical Brochure, Trifold Brochure, Business Cards, Letterhead, Memo, Invoice, Resume and Envelope Templates (US and ISO), "Getting Started" guide.

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Pro Edition

BlackBriar (NXT) for Pages
BlackBriar (NXT) Template System for Pages 8.x+: Vertical Brochure, Horizontal Brochure, Trifold Brochure, Newsletter, Large Poster, Small Poster, Meeting Notes, Report, Project Proposal, Business Cards, Letterhead, Memo, Invoice, Resume and Envelope Templates (US and ISO), "Getting Started" guide.

8.4 MB Template Pack Download


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Complete Edition

BlackBriar (NXT) Complete Edition
BlackBriar (NXT) Template System for Pages 8.x+: Vertical Brochure, Horizontal Brochure, Trifold Brochure, Newsletter, Large Poster, Small Poster, Meeting Notes, Report, Project Proposal, Business Cards, Letterhead, Memo, Invoice, Resume and Envelope Templates (US and ISO), "Getting Started" guide, BlackBriar (NXT) Pro Themes for Keynote 9.x+: Standard Definition and Widescreen (SD/HD) Themes, Supplemental presentation containing Fills/Palettes, Interactive Objects, "Getting Started" guide.


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