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Sonoma NXT Preview

Expand Your Palette.

The print-inspired Sonoma theme evolves with a wholly redesigned framework,
simplified customization options and eye-catching new varietals.

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Rediscover the flavors of Sonoma for Keynote - a tremendously adaptable, print-inspired theme that invites you to create your own definition of variety.

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Sonoma evolves for the NXT era.
The Sonoma themes have evolved in the transition to NXT, adopting a more focused grid, all-new color varietals, and enhancements for Keynote 6 that make it easier to customize than ever before.

The Sonoma theme is among our most popular themes of all time, consistently delighting audiences with it's straightforward, print-inspired approach. Sonoma NXT - our latest next-generation Keynote theme - builds on the traditions of those previous releases while adopting a more refined grid, color specifications, and a host of architectural improvements to propel Sonoma into the NXT era.

Sonoma blends classic print-inspired styling with a color-contrast framework, designed to propel imagery, color and type forward while maintaining a consistent, structured feel. The result is a theme that not only allows you to make your quick-change customizations via a palette change or placing a photo - the design actually encourages you to take that approach to another level, mixing shape-based solid color blocks or contrasting photographic palettes into a diverse array of color and texture. The included layouts - from single-panel, full-page designs to multi-photo or "module" oriented layouts - are all approached with an eye to balance, detail and style that will make your material look great with very little effort. And thanks to the new Keynote 6.x-9.x optimized architecture, you can now customize every aspect of your Sonoma presentations more easily than ever before.

What's New? What's NXT.

The Sonoma themes have been wholly redesigned in the evolution from '08 to NXT, retaining the soul and style of the original theme while refining the grid, palettes and slide types to be more flexible than ever before. The skeuomorphic bordering of prior editions has been eschewed in favor of a simplified, more focused design that provides a more generous fit for content and even more diverse color combinations. The entire master slide library has been overhauled with a less-is-more approach, cutting dated or retired masters in favor of more refined, targeted variations around an expanded range of core content models - yielding a smaller library that manages to offer more versatility than ever before.

The blue hues of the classic Sonoma theme have been reborn in the more vibrant Sonoma Noir palette, joined by all-new Gris and Blanc varietals, echoing the grape-skin tones the namesake region is known for. And the Sonoma NXT themes are fully optimized for the new Shape, Text and Chart Styles introduced in Keynote 6, so you can customize the principal color and type styles used throughout the entire theme to match your own corporate color or type standards in just a few short clicks.

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New Varietals, Endless Variety.
The Sonoma NXT themes features a range of commanding text + photo-oriented layouts in a crisp, ordered style that frames your content in a tight, print-inspired feel. The classic Sonoma Noir is joined by all-new Gris and Blanc palettes, giving you more variety than ever before.


The Slides

The Sonoma NXT themes include 34 master slides - a mix of content and image-driven layouts in the signature Sonoma style. The core layouts encompass a full range of general-purpose styles, each striking a careful balance between color-contrast accents and content-driven layout regions. Along with the basic text and photo layouts present in any Keynote 6.x-9.x theme, Sonoma NXT includes an expanded selection of content-oriented masters, including Percentage Compare & Contrast, Quotation, Numbered Section Header, multi-column and captioned layout/photo slides. The accompanying chart fills - including both a colorful, broad-spectrum primary palette along with a more subtle, mono/duotone blend in Keynote 6 - extend the clean, structured feel to your data with a professional flair that translates well from screen to print.

HD Preview

The Big Picture.

Widescreen (HD) Themes, available in the Sonoma NXT Pro Edition, expand the style into widescreen format with aspect-optimized HD versions of the Sonoma NXT design, so you can take advantage of the clean simplicity of a an iMac, Mac-driven HD Display or Monitor, or HD projection system as target presentation platforms without the letterboxing associated with running traditional 4:3 presentations on widescreen.  Whether attached to an HD display or projecting to an HD-equipped room, your presentation will take full advantage of every inch, custom-tailored to intelligently adapt the Sonoma NXT aesthetic to the larger footprint of HD. Sonoma NXT playback in Keynote for iPad

The Right Touch.

Can't imagine leaving your favorite portable device out of your work-flow? The Sonoma NXT themes are fully compatible with Keynote for iOS and iCloud, so you can transfer a presentation using the Sonoma themes to your iPad, iPhone or iCloud Drive for playback or editing with no updates or special workarounds required. And Sonoma NXT is also iOS Direct Install enabled, so you can install the Sonoma themes directly onto your mobile device from your KeynotePro Account to author new presentations on the go. Keynote for iOS is a beautiful way to engage your audience in a tactile way, and the Sonoma NXT styles remain just as stunning at arm's length as it is projected on the big screen.

Supplemental Material

The Sonoma NXT Supplemental Materials file includes the three Sonoma palettes, pre-linked Button Objects for copy-paste ease in interactive presentations, along with a DIY color change reference that walks you through changing the color scheme for an entire presentation or a single slide. The Supplemental Materials are installed right in your theme directory, ready to reference whenever you're building an District presentation.

Built for Keynote 6.x-9.x.

Keynote gives you the power to create highly-styled presentations with incredible ease and flexibility. From the razor-sharp text and professional charting capabilities, to the wide range of native graphic format support that give you unprecedented flexibility with your imagery and media, it's never been so easy to look so good - from presentation screen to printout & beyond - with so little effort. And thanks to the new Shape and Text Styles introduced with Keynote 6, it's never been easier to customize every aspect of your Sonoma presentation. Keynote makes it a snap, and Sonoma makes it a pure delight for your audience's palette.

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Eye-Catching Charts
Understated, professional chart palettes rounds the Sonoma NXT style - with contrasting primaries balanced in a solid-color style that translates well from screen to PDF or print. The Sonoma NXT themes are fully optimized for the new Chart Styles palette in Keynote 6, and including two distinct blend palettes in each version of the theme.

View Master Slides View Master Slides.
View the available Master Slides for the Sonoma NXT Themes.
VR View QT preview Sonoma NXT in Action.
View a sample Sonoma NXT presentation in Quicktime.
VR Requirements Requirements.
Sonoma NXT requires Keynote '09 (5.x) or higher, and the Helvetica Neue font face.

All photos shown for demonstration purposes only. iWork, Keynote,Quicktime, Mac, iMac, iPod, iPhone, iPad and the Apple logo are trademarked properties of Apple Inc.
NXT/Theme and NXT Theme are trademarked properties of Walrus Group LLC.

Sonoma NXT

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Sonoma NXT Master Slides


Sonoma NXT in Action.


Sonoma NXT


Compatibility at a Glance:

Keynote '09 Compatible Keynote 6 Compatible Keynote for iOS, Keynote for iCloud  Compatible
Keynote '09 Keynote 6-9 iOS/iCloud


If you're a registered user of Sonoma '08, you can Upgrade to Sonoma NXT at a reduced cost:  Log into Your Account to view all available Version Upgrades.

Users who purchased Sonoma '08 (any Edition) on or after August 15, 2014 have been updated to the respective NXT Edition at no charge - Click on Your Account in the main toolbar to log in when you're ready to download.


Select Theme Options:

Standard Edition

Standard Edition
Standard Definition (SD) Theme Files


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High-Definition / Widescreen (HD) Theme Files


Also available for iWork '08:


Standard Edition

Sonoma NXT Standard Themes
Standard Definition (SD) Themes, Supplemental presentation containing Fills/Palettes, Text Accent and Interactive Button objects, "Getting Started" guide.

4.2 MB Combined Theme Download


Build A Bundle

Add this theme to a Bundle with 2 other KeynotePro Standard Edition themes - a $10 savings.


Pro Edition

Sonoma NXT Pro Themes
Standard Definition and Widescreen (SD/HD) Themes, Supplemental presentation containing Fills/Palettes, Text Accent and Interactive Button objects, "Getting Started" guide.

6.2 MB Combined Theme Download


Build a Bundle

Add this theme to a Bundle with 2 other KeynotePro Pro Edition themes - over $10 in savings.


Sonoma NXT does not have a Pro+Mobile Edition
Sonoma NXT does not have a Pages Component.

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