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Nomad for Keynote


Crisp type and colorful contrasts help your audience follow you every step of the way: Introducing the Nomad Theme System for Keynote.

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Vienna for Pages

The understated, modern minimalism of the Vienna theme system comes to Pages
with an all-new suite of timelessly elegant templates.

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Quark for Keynote


Vibrant color and organic accents take your audience to the heart of the matter: Introducing the all-new Quark Theme System for Keynote.

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Re-Mastered to Remix: Pages 7+ Updates

The latest generation of Pages – Pages 7 – arrived in March, further refining the latest generation of Apple’s signature publishing app and continuing the Second-Era evolution that began with the launch of Pages 5. As we noted in our latest Upgrade Report, Pages 7 adopted a number of exciting new features this generation – and we’re now pleased to announce the release of our first wave of updates tailored especially for the latest architectural & workflow revisions that came along with the Pages 7 ... [more]

An Interactive Look: new Elements & JumpStart Template Add-Ons for Disruptor

There are a number of big evolutions happening at KeynotePro in 2017. And while some of the biggest changes won’t be seen until a little later this year, the quick take off of our new Disruptor theme gave us the perfect opportunity to preview some of the ways we’re going to be making our theme library even more flexible in 2017 and beyond.While these new Add-Ons are only available for the Disruptor theme at the moment, in the coming weeks and months we’ll be extending ... [more]



Vienna for Pages - Smart Calendar Templates

The Smart Calendar Templates enable you to create a variety of custom text/photo Calendar styles in a few short steps. Each Smart Calendar sheet is fully localization-aware and adaptive for all regions/localizations supported by Pages. [Sign In]

PitchBoards NXT v1.5 Updates

PitchBoards NXT Version 1.5 is a stand-apart update to v1.3, updating the Scene/Panel Tag placeholders and MetaBar constructors with Inline Object models. This feature requires Keynote 9.1 or higher, and is recommended for new files only due to changes in the behind-the-scene tagging on the new elements. [Sign In]

PitchBoards NXT v1.3 Updates

PitchBoards NXT Version 1.3 is a total-package Update to the original v1.0 / v1.1 downloads, adding new Comparison Matrix layouts to the core theme, revising all descriptive placeholders to multi-axis objects for better grid enforcement consistency, and a new Integrated Supplementals model that brings the classic Supplemental Materials file into the core theme for easier access, along with new Camera Movement Overlay objects optimized for 4:3/16:9/Scope aspect ratios. [Sign In]

Disruptor v1.3 Updates

Updated Core Themes include an expanded Device Mockup library updating the Apple Watch layouts to Series 4 hardware and adding the new iPad Pro as a device option for key layout styles - along with a new Safari Window mockup style for a less device-centric feel. [Sign In]

Elevation NXT Elements - Device Mockup Templates 1.1

The Elements: Device Mockups template file enables you to showcase your apps, concepts, and designs on a range of familiar Apple-centric hardware, including narrative and detail layouts featuring iMacs, MacBooks, iPads, iPhones and Apple Watches. The Device Mockups 1.1 Update includes 2018 hardware revisions and additions, updating the Apple Watch layouts with Series 4 hardware, and adding the 2018 iPad Pro as a new device option in key layout styles. [Sign In]



Keynote 9/ Pages 8 Upgrade Report

The latest generation of iWork is here: Keynote 9 and Pages 8 arrived on March 29th, further refining the latest generation of Apple’s presentation and publishing apps and continuing the Second-Era evolution that began with the launch of Keynote 6 & Pages 5. Keynote and Pages for iOS are updated as well to version 5.0, adopting many of the same core features of the desktop updates and continuing to add increasing feature-parity with the desktop app.With the architectural reboot of the previous cycles now firmly ... [more]

Direct Install for iOS

For the last several years, we’ve used our iOS QuickLaunch functionality to deliver starter files with pre-applied themes to our customers using Keynote for iOS. Thanks to recent updates, we’re now able to leverage that functionality on native .kth theme files themselves, allowing us to initiate installation of our themes directly into your Keynote for iOS Theme Chooser from the KeynotePro website.If you’ve ever used our QuickLaunch process to get a theme onto your iOS device, the updated Direct Install process will be very familiar ... [more]