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An Interactive Look at Elements and JumpStart Templates

An Interactive Look:

Our new modular Elements Templates make it easy to extend your current themes,
and new JumpStart Templates get you started on the right foot.


An Interactive Look: new Elements & JumpStart Template Add-Ons for Disruptor

Updated 4/18/2017


There are a number of big evolutions happening at KeynotePro in 2017. And while some of the biggest changes won't be seen until a little later this year, the surprisingly quick take off of our new Disruptor theme gave us the perfect opportunity to preview some of the ways we're going to be making our theme library even more flexible in 2017 and beyond.

While these new Add-Ons are only available for the Disruptor theme at the moment, in the coming weeks and months we'll be extending these kinds of updates to our entire NXT-gen theme catalog, providing even more options for the themes you're already using and making it easier to kick-start your next presentation regardless of which theme you're starting with.

Elements Templates

Our new Elements Templates make it easy for you to add new layouts, objects and options to your presentations created with one of our NXT-gen themes. These modular add-ons are pre-styled and ready to click-to-customize with your own content, tailored to specialized content models that extend on a theme's core functional premise.

Our first Elements file for Disruptor is focused on Timelines & Pricing: it adds Single and Multi-Slide Photo Timelines, multiple Milestone Timelines, and multiple types of Pricing Table slides ready to Copy & Paste into your Disruptor presentation:

These supplemental Add-Ons appear in the Updates section on a theme's download page, making it easy to grab the type of additional layouts or objects you need right when you need them. In the coming weeks, we'll unveil even more types of Elements to add to your Disruptor presentations and extend additional Elements Add-Ons to other themes in our NXT-gen catalog.

JumpStart Templates

Our new JumpStart Templates are designed to get you up and running fast - with complete, pre-populated presentation files ready for you to customize for your own brand or product. Tips and recommendations are built into each slide to help guide you during the creation of your own pitch.

Our first JumpStart for Disruptor is a Seed-Stage Pitch Template, built to make the process of creating your own Disruptor-themed Seed-Stage Pitch even easier with a complete, VC-recommended framework pre-populated and ready to customize with your own product's details:

Each slide includes tips & advice on what investors expect to see in each section, giving you everything you need to kick-start your own pitch in total confidence. Like the Elements Templates, the JumpStart Template files appear in the Updates section on a theme's download page - just grab the type you need and dive right in. Additional JumpStart files are coming soon - stay tuned.

More to Come

These new add-ons are just the first of many new extensions coming to our theme catalog in 2017. Keep an eye on the Updates panel on the homepage for more as they're released - and Let Us Know if there are specific Elements or JumpStarts you'd like to see added to your favorite themes.




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