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Tribeca Preview

The Premier Issue.

Let bold color and glossy magazine-styled layouts draw you into a Manhattan state of mind: Welcome to Tribeca for Keynote. *Version 1.1 now available, including all-new Tribeca B Themes.

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Understated design that is always flattering, Tribeca is the little black dress in your Keynote wardrobe: essential and timelessly appropriate.

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Bold, Yet Understated.
Vibrant swaths of color command attention in cantilevered layouts that wrap your presentations in a sophisticated, understated style. The Tribeca 1.1 Update includes the all-newTribeca B themes, adopting a crisp blue palette that provides a more restrained feel without compromising on style.

Tribeca was inspired by one of our favorite NYC neighborhoods: the combination of classic architecture and cobblestone streets alongside converted lofts, world-class restaurants and vaunted film festivals embodies a place that knows and respects it's history but isn't afraid to continue setting new standards.

We designed Tribeca for Keynote with the same ethos: that great design should remain understated and classic but strive to embrace the modern. We began with simple color and lines - using negative space to keep content central - and focused on the subtle details that would make the resulting theme anything but simple or dated. Bold, vibrant swaths of color bring subtly cantilevered layouts to life in an elegant style that's reminiscent of glossy magazine or brochure layouts, making Tribeca especially well suited for presentations on architecture, fashion or high-impact corporate themes.

Along with the basic text and photo layouts present in any Keynote theme, Tribeca includes an expanded selection of master slides, including Compare & Contrast and Citation slides, as well as a range of narrative-oriented photo slides including both accented and non-accented layouts that reduce or remove the signature accent color so as not to detract from, or clash with, your imagery. The included chart palette harmonizes beautifully with the signature theme colors, blending contrasting primaries and muted neutral tones balanced in a solid-color style that translates well from screen to PDF or print. Integrated footer space on every slide means you can add running information - like a presentation name, company name or logo - to every slide without encroaching on your content. And since Tribeca is built with native Keynote shapes, it's well-suited for the stunning object-based transitions introduced with Keynote '09 including Magic Move, Object Zoom or Perspective transitions.

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Picture Perfect.
The Tribeca theme includes a range of narrative-driven photo layouts throughout - including both accented and color-neutral non-accented layouts - in a remarkably flexible framework that's well suited for Editorial Galleries, simple Product Shots or anything in between.


The Slides

The Tribeca theme includes 27 master slides - a mix of text and photo-driven lay outs, encompassing a full range of general-purpose styles, each echoing the big plays of color and space that Tribeca does so well. Nearly half of the slides are narrative-driven photo masters, including single and multi-image layouts featuring both accented and color-neutral non-accented layouts. The accompanying chart fills blend contrasting primaries and muted neutral tones in a solid-color style, making your data crisp and legible from every angle. The Tribeca theme is built entirely with native Keynote shape objects, you can fully customize the color or placement of the major accent objects on each master slide to better match your corporate palette in a snap.

HD Preview

The Big Picture: Tribeca HD.

Tribeca HD, available exclusively in the Tribeca Pro Edition, expands the style into HD format with aspect-optimized widescreen versions of the Tribeca design, so you can take advantage of the clean simplicity of a an iMac, a Mac-driven Cinema Display or HD Monitor, or a next-generation HD projection system as target presentation platforms without the "dead space" associated with running traditional 4:3 presentations on an HD display.  Whether attached to an HD display or projecting to an HD-equipped room, your presentation will take full advantage of every inch, custom-tailored to intelligently adapt the Tribeca aesthetic to the larger footprint of HD.

Tribeca playback in Keynote for iPad

Take it on the Run

Can't imagine leaving your favorite portable device out of your work-flow? The Tribeca themes are fully compatible with Keynote for iOS(*version 1.7 or higher), so you can transfer your presentation using either Tribeca theme to your iPad or iPhone for playback or editing with no updates or special workarounds required. And the Tribeca themes are also iOS Quick-Launch enabled,so you can launch a new presentation directly onto your mobile device from your KeynotePro Account to author presentations on the go (internet connection required). Keynote for iPad is a beautiful way to engage your audience in a tactile way, and the Tribeca style remains just as stunning at arm's length as it is projected on the big screen.

Supplemental Material

The Tribeca Supplemental Materials file includes the Tribeca palette, Button Objects for use in interactive presentations, new Subway Accent Objects in the 1.1 Edition, and pre-sized Running Accent elements that make adding a running presentation name or footer a snap. The Supplemental Materials are installed right in your theme directory, ready to reference whenever you're building a Tribeca presentation.

Built for Keynote

Keynote makes it a snap to create sophisticated, highly-stylized presentations with absolute ease. From the razor-sharp text and professional charting capabilities, to the wide range of native graphic format and alpha-channel support that give you unprecedented flexibility with your imagery, Keynote provides you with all the tools you need to present a detail-driven, assertive style with absolute ease. Keynote makes it a snap, and Tribeca wraps it all in a bold, balanced style that's sure to leave your audience wanting more.

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Flattering for Every Figure.
Tribeca features a contemporary palette with contrasting primaries and muted neutral tones balanced in a solid-color style that translates well from screen to PDF or print.

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View the available Master Slides for the Tribeca Themes.
VR View QT preview Tribeca in Action.
View a sample Tribeca presentation in Quicktime.
VR Requirements Requirements.
Tribeca requires requires iWork '09 (Keynote 5.x) or higher, and the Helvetica Neue font face.

All photos shown for demonstration purposes only. iWork, Keynote, Mac, iMac, iPod, iPhone, iPad and the Apple logo are trademarked properties of Apple Inc.


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Tribeca Master Slides


Tribeca in Action.


Tribeca (1.1)


Compatibility at a Glance:

Keynote '09 Compatible Keynote 6 Compatible Keynote for iOS, Keynote for iCloud  Compatible
Keynote '09 Keynote 6/7 iOS/iCloud


Select Theme Options:

Standard Edition

Standard Edition
Standard Definition (SD) Theme Files


Add HD
High-Definition / Widescreen (HD) Theme Files


Also available for iWork '08:


Standard Edition

Tribeca Themes
Standard Definition (SD) Themes, Supplemental slides containing the Tribeca Standard and B palettes, Button Objects for use in interactive presentations, pre-sized Running Accent elements, Subway Accent Objects"Getting Started" guide.

7 MB Theme Download


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Pro Edition

Tribeca Pro Themes
Standard Definition and Widescreen (SD/HD) Themes, Supplemental slides containing the Tribeca Standard and B palettes, Button Objects for use in interactive presentations, pre-sized Running Accent elements,Subway Accent Objects, "Getting Started" guide.

9.8 MB Theme Download


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