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The Definitive Edition.

Introducing Oak Park for Keynote: rewrite the book with Arts & Crafts style, one (hand etched) line at a time.

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Our newest City Series theme takes a decidedly classic bent, with a richly textured interpretation of the Arts & Crafts movement style.

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Narrative-Oriented Design.
Along with the more traditional slide layouts, Oak Park features a range of "Book Style" masters blending subtle, hand-detailed linework with crisp, classic type and texture.


Oak Park takes its moniker from the Chicago suburb that saw both the literal birth of Hemingway and the career birth of Wright - a town central to the expansion of the Arts & Crafts style and design sensibilities into America.

Our own interpretation of this spirit - Oak Park for Keynote - pushes the Arts & Crafts approach into the digital age with a richly-textured, hand-crafted look and restrained, use-driven design. The included master slides - a range of standard, Caption Style and Book Style designs - blend classic layout with hand-detailed linework and accents to give your presentation a subtly organic, almost hand-drawn feel. The chart fills, including both earth-toned 2D fills and custom woodgrain 3D textures stained in finishes typical of Arts & Crafts era furnishings, carry the style to your charts and data with a subtle, professional feel. The look is rounded out with a sumptuous, textured leather cover and crisp geometric bullets, resulting in a theme uniquely suited to narrative-driven presentations on architecture, real estate and development, or any topic in need of a classic artisan feel.

Need to make it even more your own? The Oak Park Supplemental file includes a range of both linear and organic Accent Objects - Arts & Crafts era inspired glyphs and objects you can Copy & Paste into your presentation for quick personalization. And thanks to the new Keynote '08 architecture, you can change the Picture Frame stroke style on a single slide, or make the change permanent on the master slide, where you can also move, or remove, the internal linework in nearly every layout.

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Choose Your Approach.
Oak Park features a range of photo-oriented slides - including alternate "inset style" frames for key masters - in a mix of standard, Caption and Book Style designs.


The Slides

The Oak Park theme includes 36 master slides - a mix of photo-oriented and alternate text layouts in standard, Caption and "Book Style" designs. The layouts are designed with an eye to the classical, driven by an understated order imposed by the subtle hand-drawn feel of the bordering and linework elements. Caption style slides push your imagery front and center - with a simple eye-catching title and supporting text - while the Book Style slides allow for a more narrative-based approach, using photography as an accent to the story rather than the driving force. The accompanying chart fills - earth-toned "dyed linen" textures for 2D charts and custom Stained Wood 3D textures - extend the Arts & Crafts feel to your charts with a subtle, professional flair that looks right at home on the finely textured paper backgrounds.

HD Preview

The Big Picture: Oak Park HD.

Oak Park HD, available exclusively in the Oak Park Pro Edition, expands the style into HD format with aspect-optimized widescreen versions of the Oak Park design, so you can take advantage of the clean simplicity of the new iMac, a MacPro-driven Cinema Display, or a next-generation HD projection system as target presentation platforms without the "dead space" associated with running traditional 4:3 presentations on an HD display. Even run full screen on your new MacBook Pro to take full advantage of every inch of the remarkable display. Your presentation will look like it was custom-tailored for your machine.

Supplemental Material

The Supplemental Materials file includes the Oak Park color palette and 2D chart fills, along with button objects for use in interactive presentations and a range of both linear, window-inspired and organic, floral-inspired Accent Objects ready to Copy & Paste into your presentation, each taking their cues from Arts & Crafts era design. Measurement Table Objects let you quickly add notes regarding size, scale or dimension directly to your photos or layouts. The Supplemental Objects are installed in your theme directory and ready to cut & paste into your presentation whenever you need to add a personal touch to the layouts.

Only With Keynote

Only Keynote gives you the power to create such lush, classically-styled presentations with absolute ease. From the razor-sharp text and professional charting capabilities, to the wide range of native graphic format and alpha-channel support that give you unprecedented flexibility with your imagery, Keynote provides you with the tools you need to present a classically-styled, print-inspired look with absolute ease. Use the new Instant Alpha tool in Keynote '08 to strip out the background color in your siteplans, elevations of renderings to give them a more integrated look, or roundtrip your pictures through iPhoto for a quick-change Sepia treatment that will look right at home with Oak Park's classic touches and detail. Keynote makes it a snap, and Oak Park wraps it all in a richly textured Arts & Crafts movement inspired look that gets noticed every time.

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A Material Contrast.
The 2D charts include textured paper fills in a subdued palette with a dyed-linen feel. The 3D charts feature custom woodgrain textures stained in finishes typical of Arts & Crafts era furnishings.

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VR Requirements Requirements.
Oak Park requires iWork '08 (Keynote 4.0) or higher.  Mona Lisa Solid ITC and BlairMedITC font faces are also required (both installed by iWork '08).

All photos shown for demonstration purposes only. iWork, Keynote, Mac, iMac, iPod, iPhone, iPad and the Apple logo are trademarked properties of Apple Inc.

Oak Park '08

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Oak Park '08 Master Slides


Oak Park '08 in Action.


Oak Park '08


Compatibility at a Glance:

Keynote '09 Compatible Keynote 6 Compatible Keynote for iOS, Keynote for iCloud  Compatible
Keynote '09 Keynote 6/7 iOS/iCloud


Select Theme Options:

Standard Edition

Standard Edition
Standard Definition (SD) Theme Files


Add HD
High-Definition / Widescreen (HD) Theme Files


Also available for iWork '08:


Standard Edition

Oak Park '08 Standard Theme
Standard Definition (SD) Theme, Supplemental slides containing the Oak Park palette and fills, Accent Objects and Tables, Button Objects,"Getting Started" guide.

39.1 MB Theme Download


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Add this theme to a Bundle with 2 other KeynotePro Standard Edition themes - a $10 savings.


Pro Edition

Oak Park '08 Pro Themes
Standard Definition and Widescreen (SD/HD) Themes, Supplemental slides containing the Oak Park palette and fills, Accent Objects and Tables, Button Objects,"Getting Started" guide.

62.1 MB Theme Download


Build a Bundle

Add this theme to a Bundle with 2 other KeynotePro Pro Edition themes - over $10 in savings.


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