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Chelsea for Keynote


Bold color, classic type and modern geometrics come together in an unforgettably unique interplay: Welcome to Chelsea for Keynote.

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KeyStation NXT for Keynote

KeyStation NXT

Web inspired, Kiosk-optimized, massively adaptable. Keep your audience informed, connected and interacting with the all-new KeyStation NXT.

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MagnetBoard NXT for Keynote

MagnetBoard NXT

Our crowd-favorite brainstorming powerhouse is radically enhanced and expanded for Keynote 6: Introducing MagnetBoard NXT.

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An Interactive Look: new Elements & JumpStart Template Add-Ons for Disruptor

There are a number of big evolutions happening at KeynotePro in 2017. And while some of the biggest changes won’t be seen until a little later this year, the quick take off of our new Disruptor theme gave us the perfect opportunity to preview some of the ways we’re going to be making our theme library even more flexible in 2017 and beyond.While these new Add-Ons are only available for the Disruptor theme at the moment, in the coming weeks and months we’ll be extending ... [more]

Some Tips - and Cautions - on Posting Interactive Presentations in Keynote 7.1

Keynote 7.1 makes it easy to post interactive presentations on WordPress, Medium¬†and the web - but be mindful of how much you’re actually sharing.The Keynote 7.1 Update brought an interesting new feature to Apple’s presentation app: the ability to Post Interactive Presentations to WordPress, Medium and the web. We touched on this briefly in our Keynote 7.1 Upgrade Report, and while the new service still has a few bugs to work out and may not be for everyone yet, there’s already a lot of buzz ... [more]



Disruptor JumpStart Template: Seed-Stage Pitch

The JumpStart: Seed Stage Pitch Template is designed to streamline the creation of a new Seed-Stage Startup Pitch to Investors, including a complete, structured presentation of pre-staged slides ready for you to customize to your own company or product. Tips and recommendations are built into each slide to help guide you during the creation of your own pitch. [Sign In]

Disruptor Elements: Timelines and Pricing Templates

The Elements: Timelines and Pricing templates include Single and Multi-Slide Photo Timelines, Milestone Timelines, and Pricing Table slides ready to Copy & Paste into your Disruptor or Disruptor 2 presentation. [Sign In]

Disruptor 2 Theme Add-On

The Disruptor 2 Theme Add-On adds a new theme color variation to the Disruptor theme package in the Keynote 6/7 Theme Chooser. [Sign In]

Brighton Motion Update for Keynote 6

The Brighton Motion Update for Keynote 6 adds asset-corrected Brighton Motion themes to the Keynote 6 theme chooser. *Brighton Motion themes revert to their Static state during iOS/iCloud playback. [Sign In]

Palo Alto '08 Keynote 6 Click-Install

The Keynote 6 Click-Install update for Palo Alto '08 enables direct installation of the Palo Alto theme into the Keynote 6 theme chooser and includes updated Supplemental Materials. [Sign In]



Keynote 7.1: Closing the Loop

The latest generation of Keynote is here: Keynote 7.1 arrived on March 27th, a comprehensive update to the earlier 7.0.x builds launched alongside MacOS Sierra in September and October, further refining the latest generation of Apple’s presentation app and bringing some long-awaited closure to the architectural transition that began with the launch of Keynote 6.0. Keynote for iOS is updated as well to version 3.1, adopting many of the same core features of the 7.1 update for the desktop and continuing to add increasing feature-parity ... [more]

Free Limited-Edition Themes are Back

You can now try some of our most popular NXT-generation Keynote Themes absolutely free: our updated Limited-Edition (LE) themes are feature-limited versions of their expanded retail-edition namesakes that give you an easy way to try some of our crowd favorites first-hand without spending a dime. ¬†Each LE theme includes a sample of the master slides included in the full retail versions, in a specialized 1024x768 theme file that’s ready to use - no installation required. Pick from some of our most popular themes - including ... [more]